About Erin Cook


I've Seen the World Shift. You've Seen It Too.

Everyone is talking, but no one is listening. Technology speaks for us, personal interaction is on the decline. Lawyers are busier than ever and the backlog and wait time in the Court system is staggering. Polarization, partisanship, win at all costs and blame politics are getting way too much airtime. So, I am taking my problem solving toolbox directly to the people. For ten years during the dot com era, as a management consultant, I designed and implemented strategies for enterprises and government agencies to become more efficient. In need of a more personally fulfilling, purpose driven life, I owned and operated a yoga studio for 15 years that changed my life and my point of view. I now see the need so clearly – bringing the thoughtfulness and mindfulness of yoga to the negotiation table during real conflict in life and at work.

I founded SBS strategies in 2021 to empower people to thoughtfully and intelligently advocate and communicate for themselves - in all relationships, both business and professional. I believe that when people are allowed to tell their story - anxieties, nerves and tempers subside. When we coach how to truly listen to others’ stories – real communication begins. I believe that it is only through our differences that we achieve harmony.

Erin holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Harvard University. Her concentration is in Government with a particular interest in Ethics. She is a grant winner from the Kennedy School of Government and a former intern on Capitol Hill. She is the founder and former owner-operator of Bikram Yoga Main Line from 2004-2019. She earned her certificate in Professional Mediation from The Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolution at Cornell University's ILR School and is a Member of The American Bar Association.

Sky Blue Strategies

Personal Attention

I personally handle your case from start to finish. I am a driven, organized, process-oriented professional committed to bringing you results. My passion is in empowering my clients to become active participants in the solutions process. Every case and every client is given my complete attention, effort, and expertise. We work together from the onset of your case, navigating your way to a successful outcome.

Why Choose Me?

With a passion for process and designing solutions, my experience and background bring you unparalleled service and efficiency levels. Unlike advocacy and the traditionally adversarial legal structure, I am not a lawyer. I mediate and facilitate from a neutral, independent position. I implement proven, repeatable ADR processes that encourage collaborative decision-making and critical thinking in resolving disputes. My techniques encourage compromise, tolerance, and communication geared toward resolution, not winning. My goal in every Mediation is to guide the parties toward mutually satisfactory results and to preserve relationships. I teach my clients the skills needed to resolve the issue at hand and strategies for avoiding conflict and fostering productive personal and professional relationships in the future.

Sky Blue Strategies
Sky Blue Strategies

Core Business Values

Honesty, Integrity, Confidentiality. I am a neutral third party, here to help you resolve disputes without going through the lengthy and expensive court process. I bring a professional structure and organization to the discussion, geared toward finding a mutually satisfactory result for all parties. As a professional mediator, my professional and impartial handling of your case is the cornerstone of my business. Our unrelenting commitment to client confidentiality is what earns us the trust of our clients.