We Are Changing

The Way People

Solve Problems

We bring advanced ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) techniques to you at home, at work & virtually to help you resolve conflict in a CALM™ cooperative, cost effective and timely manner without the need for lawsuits or litigation.

Sky Blue Strategies utilizes our proprietary Dispute Resolution Strategy CALM™:

Cooperative, Attentive, Logical,  Mindful  MEDIATION

A Whole New Approach to Communication, Negotiation, and Mediation for Corporations & Individuals

Sky Blue Strategies

Based in Philadelphia, Available Everywhere

Erin Cleary Cook, Owner & Founder of Sky Blue Strategies, is bringing mindful, results-driven ADR to the forefront of conflict resolution across industries and communities, both in person and virtually. Mediation is becoming the front line tool to resolving disputes before they enter costly, lengthy litigation. You need a professional, creative, patient third party to guide you through the Mediation process from pre-mediation preparation through settlement. Based on client preference, we use in person meetings and caucuses to build relationships and develop solutions. We use confidential, industry-leading technology to bring parties together virtually. Our dynamic, hybrid approach based on client need offers the most dynamic dispute resolution solution.

SBS works with corporations, employees and individuals to resolve disputes efficiently and confidentially. Utilizing proven ADR techniques and technologies, we empower our clients to speak for themselves, tell their stories and craft their solutions.

Sky Blue Strategies

Paradigm Shifting

As individuals and in the workplace, how we handle conflict determines who we are as human beings and brands our corporate culture. Sky Blue Strategies is changing the executive-employee paradigm and how we interact with each other. Executives agree - "What is your most valuable asset? Your people!" SBS implements strategies and solutions that bring people together to communicate better, work together more efficiently and be more productive.  As third-party neutral facilitators, we do not represent or advocate for any party. We represent equity, impartiality and fairness in all discussions. Engaging us to resolve disputes allows your team to focus on your core business.

Efficient & Cost-effective Solutions

We all know that divorce, custody, and civil and commercial litigation are: expensive, can last for years, and tend to favor the party with the longest staying power. Options to mediate instead of litigate are growing and have proven success. SBS believes in self-advocacy and understanding - tolerance and communication - led by organized, driven, results-oriented professionals who know how to facilitate, empower and close deals. We believe in production, not polarization, and in constructive, not destructive comunication.

Sky Blue Strategies


On average, 80% of mediation cases are resolved outside of court. At SBS, I refocus our results on relationships, not winning. “One of the most overlooked benefits of mediation is that it can help preserve relationships, business and personal, that would likely be destroyed through years of litigation. Because it is a collaborative, rather than adversarial process, and because mediation isn't inherently a win/lose process, important relationships can often be saved.” My success comes from facilitating intelligent, thoughtful, mutually beneficial solutions, whatever the case's subject matter.