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Crunchy Republican’s wishes for 2006

Faith in the Sound has the market cornered on New Year’s Resolutions and is much funnier–and in most cases more on the mark–than I could ever hope to be.

The Neocon has debuted his collection of the Winners and Losers of 2005. I happen to take issue with a number of ‘em, but nonetheless, the idea was a good one. Among my changes would be these two: I’d have to include the citizens of South Carolina in the winners column since in 2005 they enjoyed two Republicans in the US Senate. Jim DeMint did a bang up job in his first year. Of course, I’d also have to include Howard Dean in the losers column since he has proven to be a big dud for Democrats everywhere–he can’t raise money and is constantly putting his foot in his mouth. Those are just for starters…

Crunchy also passed on the opportunity to give any blog awards in 2005, but plenty of other local bloggers offered up their picks: Faith in the Sound, Palmetto Neocon andCrack the Bell are all worth a look-see.

But after watching Saturday Night Live re-runs this week and seeing the replay of the famous and hilarious Steve Martin “Holiday Wishes” monologue (granted this is much funnier in video, but you get the point), I thought I’d offer my 2006 Wish List.

So, without further adieu, the Crunchy Republican’s Wish List for 2006, in no particular order:

I wish for The State newspaper to be worth subscribing to again. I honestly miss curling up on Sunday to spend an hour or so pouring over its pages. I can now read everything of interest in about 15 minutes. And please, someone tell Bandy that he shouldn’t put so much stock in R Q and A polls.

I wish for my three girls to continue to grow up healthy and happy, finding some way to get along, and somehow to become good citizens along the way. My main wish for them this year is for the two oldest to play quietly together for more than a few minutes at a time before arguing, and to avoid yelling at the exact moment when their baby sister finally falls asleep after fighting it for six hours.

I wish for a Legislative Session where meaningful tax reform is finally passed. This time make it something that makes a real difference to the majority of South Carolinians, something that an increase in millage by the local counties can’t take away, and something that will save me more than I could spend on a dinner for 4 a few times a year. I like to eat out, but I’d rather have money for the girls and their college funds.

I wish for the Democrats, nationally and in-state, to offer substantive ideas and proposals of their own, rather than just saying the other guys aren’t so great. Don’t promise things you can’t deliver either. I’m counting the economic impact of any programs you suggest we put into place. What have you—or your Party—done for me lately?

I wish for the Gamecocks to win. Win anything and in any sport where Clemson folks talk trash. I like bragging about my baseball team, but it sure would be nice to have a basketball or football victory to boast about every now and again. Those Gamecock Club dues checks are written easier and season ticket orders renewed faster when there is a product that I am excited to invest in.


I wish for contemplative consideration from the Legislature on education reform. While it looks like PPIC in its previous form is a goner, a good look at other reforms–charter schools or what have you–is something that must be done to improve public schools in South Carolina. Economic development is tied to an educated workforce and having schools ranked in last place certainly plays a role in our unemployment figures.

I wish for the Presbyterian Church USA to stop being so liberal. Why anyone in the headquarters thought that meeting with Hezbollah was a good thing is beyond me. No wonder why my religion is losing more members than any other.

I wish for bloggers and others to engage in civil debates without resorting to tearing others down in order to build themselves up. I might take issue with something someone says, but you won’t see me call them names. We should all be more mature than that.

I wish for McDonald’s to bring back the Caramel Sundae. Mmmmm, those were so good. The plain ol’ Hot Fudge just can’t get it done.

I wish for the GOP to complete the sweep of the Constitutional Offices. Go, Ryberg! Go, Ryberg! Go, Ryberg!

I wish for this blog to have a more knowledgeable owner, one who can figure out how to create a blogroll and how to put links in the comments section. I welcome advice from any of you who can explain to a non-tech savvy person like me how to pull those things off. I have limited time to blog and if its something that will take a long time to do, I won’t ever actually do it, but I implore you to offer your assistance to bring me up to speed on the basics.

I wish for my husband’s radio show, PrimeTime Sports, (warning: shameless plug follows– broadcast weekdays 6-8 pm on WIS 1320 AM) to shift from its evening time slot to his and co-host Mike Morgan’s preferred 4-6 pm timeslot. An increase in wattage wouldn’t be a bad thing either.

And last, but not least, I wish for the Christmas Tree Fairy to come to my house to take down all my decorations, pack them up neatly, and store them away for another year.While she’s at it, maybe she can sweep up the tree needles that have fallen on the carpet, mop up the drops of eggnog on the kitchen floor, and scrape the stroganoff off the rug that “Luke” dropped at my Christmas Party. (Just kidding, Whit. I cleaned that up already!)

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