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Mitt Romney will not seek re-election

In a move that some observers are predicting signals a presidential run in 2008 for Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, Romney announced today that he will not seek re-election next year.

The article goes on to speculate about Romney’s chances in a tough presidential primary and notes that a South Carolina “political operative” called the Morman Church a “cult.”

I know I’ve heard the fact that Romney is a Morman mentioned in not so positive terms in the past, but I’d not heard the description of his religion above. (I wonder who said that?!?)

Romney certainly got a positive reception in Spartanburg earlier in the year and hit on a whole lot of points that resonate with conservatives. That said, I been told he might be a little squishy on the pro-life question which would perhaps hurt his chances with the Christian Conservatives. He has also made a few friends through the judicious use of his leadership PAC to make donations to candidates throughout the State. I know he donated over $30,000 during 2004, and there could be more contributions that I am not aware of.

Romney seems like a nice guy and has a great record of successfully accomplishing his goals. He salvaged the Salt Lake City Olympics, paid down a huge debt in Massachusetts, and stood firm against Gay Marriage in Massachusetts. What do y’all think of his chances in SC?

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