How to Make EVERY Opportunity a Fundraising Opportunity

I attended the No Kid Hungry North Carolina Leadership Conference week before last. The audience was mostly people who are already working for organizations and programs that are working to have an impact on child hunger in North Carolina.

The conference featured breakout sessions in the afternoon after a morning of speakers.? During these breakout sessions, the leaders discussed their programs, the opportunities and challenges that they faced in the community, and opened up to the group for discussion.

One session actually addressed the audience as potential supporters, not just customers, of their service. These presenters went over the mission and work of their organization, then stressed how important fundraising and support from the community is to their ultimate success. They may not have made a direct ask, but they made it clear that every little bit helps and that their support goes right back into the community they serve.

I was impressed by the panel because while most of the presenters and leaders at this conference were focused on educating the audience and viewed them as supporters of their product or program, these leaders were able to turn an educational session into a fundraising opportunity very easily!  You should consider that the next time you are presenting information on your organization. I would argue that their is never a bad time to stress the importance of fundraising and community support.

You might find that you receive a lot of benefits by putting in a quick plug for your work.?

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